vineri, 17 februarie 2012


It has past a bit of time since i have published something here on the blog. For those few who are taking the time to read my ideas here is another point of viewing today's society. I have tried to write a iReport on CNN's Freedom Project with little success, due to my lack of patience and my chaotic exposure of thoughts. We, those who live in a modern democratic state, pretend to be free, but are we truly? We are living today, and don't get me wrong, obeying the rules of the states. So far so good, right? We are working, we get money for our work and with those money we pay for our survival and comfort. It is like a circle in witch the money seem to be the tool that determines how much power does an individual or a system have. So in order to control someone all you have to do is to control the amount of money they have. In this idea, under the "we are working to protect the country and it's citizens", most of the states are controlling effective it's inhabitants. The states are taking nowadays around 30-40% of what an individual produces. To me this is worst than in the medieval ages where, as an example in Romanian countries between XIV-XV centuries, oppressed peasants owed feudal lords (or landlord) rents in products (tithe-the tenth part of their production), work and money. Today's rent consists of taxes which we are forced to pay by law. Sounds like a modern day slavery in which we are all slaves of those that are making millions each day.

luni, 2 ianuarie 2012


Societatea in practica
Ce intelegem prin societate? Raspunsul va fi cel mai probabil un grup de indivizi mai mare sau mai mic. Care este societatea perfecta? Pai se spune ca cea a albinelor ar fi perfecta. Cum este societatea umana? In raport cu cea a albinelor este mai mult decat proasta, atat de proasta incat incercam de mii de ani sa o facem cat de cat perfecta imitand forma de organizare a insectelor si tot nu reusim. Abia daca acum cand „suntem in epoca de aur a stiintei“ am reusit sa ne organizam un pic si parca tot degeaba, de ceva ani avem crize financiare si tot felul de conflicte intre populatii si guverne. Avem resurse, avem posibilitati, avem cam tot ce ne trebuie, numai creier nu. Am inventat si construit arme sa putem vana sa ne putem hrani, sa ne aparam de salbaticia animalelor si am ajuns sa ne omoram intre noi, pentru....pai pentru nimic concret. „Ba nu, pentru bani si putere“ ar spune unii. Bun! Si banii cine i-au creat? Pai noi... Dar i-a spune-mi, ce faci tu pe un munte cu miliarde de euro intr-o valiza la sute de km de civilizatie cu un tel de ultima generatie fara semnal de retea si fara cunostinte de de IT? Cel mai probabil ai sa faci un foc cu banii aia si o sa iti tina de cald vreo 5-10 min. Bun, sa zicem ca ai si bani si putere! Ce faci tu cu banii si puterea in cazul in care un mananci ceva si pur si simplu te ineci si te sufoci inainte ca cineva sa iti poata oferi un ajutor la timp?
Am plecat de la niste nevoi simple hrana si adapost si am ajuns sa fim atat de idioti incat pentru a avea o viata mai confortabila, am ajuns sa furam unii de la altii, sa ne omoram intre noi. Noi ii spunem astazi natura umana, adica ceva de genul ca niciodata nu suntem multumiti cu ceea ce avem si mereu vrem mai mult. Da este adevarat ce acest principiu ne-a adus ceea ce avem avem azi, masini, roboti, utilaje, medicamente, speranta de viata crescuta, etc, dar in acelasi timp ne-a adus si clasele sociale, hotii, crimele si toate nenorociirile create de om. Eu insumi vreau o masina mai buna, o casa a mea, ultimele gadget-uri si tot ce este mai bun, dar cel mai important vreau un mediu in care copilul meu sa creasca cum trebuie, si sa se dezvolte armonios. Nu vreau copilul meu sa stie ce este foamea, dar nici sa aspire la perfectiune intreo realitate virtuala in care este declarat maestru pentru cat mai multe ucideri.
Societatea de astazi este atat de diversificata si destramata incat individul nu mai recunoaste valori reale, ci mai degraba valoarile cifrelor, am ajuns sa credem ca cel ce are cifra cea mai mare este si cel care face o diferenta. Suntem atat de cufundati in prostie incat in loc sa recunoastem religia ca pe un reper sau un ghid de informatie sociala, am luat-o ca pe un mod de viata total perfect caruia trebuie sa fim supusi fara discutii. Ba mai mult sa omoram in numele ei, desi sunt zeci, sute de religii in lume. Toate create tot de noi! Am luptat si pretindem ca luptam pentru libertate, dar totusi cine ne constrange? Cu totii recunoastem aceleasi valori reale, insa ele sunt defapt valorile nescrise, cele neoficiale, si cu totii luptam in esenta pentru ele! Nici o constitutie nu apara zambetul unui copil sau macar sa il defineasca, acel zambet inocent al fratiorului/surioarei sau al unui copil care il vedem penrtu prima data si ne ofera un zambet, fara sa-i pese de ce gandim, ce ne da un sentiment de bucurie, de liniste si fericiire in acelasi timp, acel moment in care spunem „ce dulce e!“. Sunt mii e exemple pro si contra societatii in care traim, dar totul se poate reduce la supravietuire si atunci putem observa mai usor societatea infernala in care ne traim viata blestemata de noi insine. Ganditul si exprimarea sunt gratuite, iar noi suntem fundamentul generatiilor viitoare!

vineri, 30 decembrie 2011


                                    Winter hollydays....
      Winter like the others seasons has it's magic, I liked it always because of the snow, ice, it's speciffic games and the food, and the Christmas and all that winter is. This was though when I was still in school, since then it is changed a bit so to say... now winter is a cold unwanted season, the snow I used to enjoy now is now a thing i have to clean every morning off the car, the ice is making us more slow in our way to work or appointments, and the Christmas seemed to have lost it's charm, all in all I seem to have lost my taste for the season I loved once, in the last years.
        This year though something changed, this year I really understood, even though it might sound tipical, what Christmas is all about and felt the way I haven't felt in a lot of years. This year I spent the Christmas with my real family from Italy, with the mother of my child by my side aswell and her smaller brother and each day since I have arrived here is a overwelming one feeling like in my natural habitat. Sabina never stops in surprissing me and my aunt warms my soul with her love, and the proudness in her eyes. My uncles are like always joyfull telling jokes and my cousin, even though he is playing the smartass, he is just a small boy getting through puberty. My love...well she glows more then ever because she got to know the crazy family and saw Venice, but she has no ideea in what family she got herself into, but shhhht... don't tell her!
             With other words Christmas is everyday you are happy and have those that you love with you to share the joy! I hope eachone of you got to live the same feelings like I did this winter, all the best!!!

duminică, 4 decembrie 2011


  Through our life we encounter a multitude of feelings. I always lived the moments at it's intensive, and always tried to give them a projection into other people lives. December in maybe one of the most beloved time of the year, because of the hollydays athmosphere and the warmth feeling it gives into our souls.
  I like to think that even though I am young and have a lot to live through still, I do have the right to have an honnest and true oppinion about real feelings. This is my first real Christmas here in Germany, and i have never thought to say this, but germans or maybe a part of them really know how to make the right athmosphere when it comes to hollydays. Maybe it is just me who got lucky, but the family of my girlfriend took me in and shared with me their way of celebrating the upcomming Christmas.
  I must say that I have a special respect for the couple that made and raised succesfull 5 children the best they could even though it was not so easy at all. Though they have their problems aswell, you can really see the joy in their eyes to be all together. Every single one of them live a multitude of feelings, the mother is the one having nearly tears in her eyes seeing all of her "babys" in one place, the father has proudness in his heart seeing the biggest of the sons realising his dream, the children are happy to be at home just like when they were small. It might be that this is another tippical Christmas story, but it is really a wonder to have to live these thingson your skin how the romanians would say, but what is even more wonderfull is that these feelings were given to me by the people we all know as being the coldest in these kind of things.
                                                                 Many thanks to the Kempt family from Lossburg, Germany!

sâmbătă, 3 decembrie 2011


One of the most buzzing ideas that i have is about energy. The entire world is now just in such a stupid situation in witch they are searching for solutions about new sustainable energy sources: solar, and wind energy are the most popular. The thing is that we already have energy all around us and Nicola Tesla came with the concept of free energy. I read something in the internet, I guess it was on wikipedia, about this. Ever since then I knocked my head over and over trying to find an answer, about what Tesla meant. I have learnt that the energy must be always paid beacause there are structures that are producing it and also the electricity can't be stored, it has to be produced and consumed right away, it is not something like gas for example, you buy it today and you can use it when do you want. So there are some people that are always working to produce it non-stop. There is also the problem of the consequences of producing energy, exhausts and all these things. But what is making me more and more furious is the fact that the world is trying to determine a way to make the CO² emissions much more low and so we are forced to pay thousands of euros per year just to drive from point A to point B.
             Here is what I have developed in my small unimportant mind:
1. What is the primary source of energy?
2.How can we contain it?
3.How to use it and what for?

     Well here it is:
  1. All in this universe is dictated by the magnetic energy, is the energy that keeps from the beginning of time the planets spinning one around the other, it is what protects us from burning under the direct exposure of the sun and it makes the perfect conditions for life on earth, well one of the factors.
  2. We can't even make this energy visible, so we can't really contain it, there is nothing to contain about it and we don't need to contain it.
  3.We can use it to power up generators that produce electricity, the juice that wars are made for.

Maybe it doesn't make much sense, but think of a car that has unlimited autonomy, at least when it comes to fuel. Imagine that you can go into your car and drive away wherever you need to without having to think about the costs of fuel, but just for eating and personal things. Not having to pay for transport also makes it cheap for all the other things, you name it. And most important not having to pay for electricity. 

how does that sound people?